John T. Bennett Company

John T.Bennett Company has been in existence as a
wash, bleach and dye house since the early 1900's.  
But since 1983 it has become predominantly a
specialty garment and textile wet processor, the
company does all types of garment dyeing and
finishing with pigment dyeing evolving into one of our
more popular looks. This "distressed" look has
become a staple in the industry for over 15 years and
John T Bennett Company was one of the first to offer
this finish and we are especially proud of our
expertise in this area.  
Our years of experience and our attention to detail
has created a quality that has enable us to thrive in
todays marketplace.  Our primary goal is to enhance
your product to its fullest so that your company can
achieve total product success.
John T. Bennett Co.
Specialty Garment and Textile Wet Processing